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yesterday. however, gates cautioned that america will face key tests this spring and summer. >> i do feel like pieces are coming together, but i would -- i would continue to say what we have said all along -- the gains are fragile and reversible. the fight this spring and this summer will be very tough. we expect the taliban to try and take back much of what they lost. and that will really n many respects, be the acid test of how effective the progress we made is going to be. >> expecting big fights this spring. this week's visit is gates' 13th trip to afghanistan, likely one of his last as defense secretary, since he said he will retire this year. >>> the senate is expected to vote this afternoon on a pair of competing budget plans to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year. the voetes will set the stage fr talks to avert a government shutdown yesterday. senators are keeping up their attacks on another party and the administration. >> this is a serious, serious time. and it requires a serious response. and so i'm hoping that as we work our way towards the end on this year's
people, our congress and troops what the mission in libya is. better explain what america's role is in achieving that mission and make it clear how it will be accomplished. >>> the president getting hit by democrats as well. a group of liberal house democrats is questioning the constitutionality of the strikes on libya. with one member of the group, ohio congressman, dennis kucinich raising the prospect of impeachment. senate armed services committee chairman john kerry endorsed the attack on libya. >> it's not to get rid of gadhafi. that's not what the united nations licensed and i would not call it going to war. this is a very limited operation that is geared to save lives and it was specifically targeted on a human tearian basis. it is not geared to try 0 get rid of gadhafi. he has not been targeted. that is not what is happening here. >> a lot of the democrats in congress suggest that the president needs to come to congress to get approval for action like this. >>> meanwhile the arab league, the chief of that group says he respects the u.n. resolution authorizing military act
the geneva conventions. he criticized the system as a threat to america's safety. >> by any measure, our system of trying detainees has been a failure. meanwhile, this legal black hole substantially set back america's ability to lead the world against the threat of terrorism and undermined our most basic values. so make no mistake. we are less safe because of the way george bush has handled this issue. >>> and now he continues that bush policy. "the washington post" day nay millbank writes of the decision not only revoked the pledge to close gitmo within a year and contradicted the claim can't be based on simply what i or the executive branch order must be done. and those are some of the more kind words coming from the left. >>> defense secretary robert gates visiting helmand providence today, a pivotal battleground in southern afghanistan a day after flying into the country. yesterday gates met with afghan president karzai saying the u.s. is likely to begin withdrawing some troops from the country this summer. >> while no decisions on numbers have been made, in my view we will be well p
people the congress and our troops what the mission in libya is and what america's role is in achieving that mission. political bloggers accusing newt gingrich of flip-flopping after saying the u.s. should establish a no-fly zone over libya. >> what would do you? >> exercise a no-fly zone this evening. communicate that gadhafi was gone and the sooner they switch side the more likely they would be to survive. this is a moment to get rid of him. do it. get it over with. the united states doesn't need anybody's permission. >> that was on march 7th. yesterday the former house speaker appeared to think otherwise during an interview on the "today" show. >> do you think moammar gadhafi has to go as a result of this military intervention? >> i think that now -- let me draw a distinction. i would not have intervened. i think there were a lot of other ways to effect gadhafi. i think there are a lot of allies in the region we could have worked with. i would not are used american and european forces. >> hes on his facebook stage the two statements are not a contradiction. his bottom line is he wish
. there's no question about that what so ever. a decision was made to take america forces into war. he didn't consult with congress. that's a matter of fact. what the consequences are politically, we'll see. we are going to spend a half billion dollars in the first week on this war. we don't have the resources. we are in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan and now libya. what is going on in america. we have money for endless wars and can't take care of things from home. >>> the united states role in libya is opening up new rifts. meanwhile russian prime minister putin said the resolution by the security council is flawed. in general, it reminds me of a medieval call for a crew said. an editorial in china reeds, they are keen on the use of force. people have reason to express concerns about the effects of the military action. still, a new cnn poll finds half of americans approve on the way the president is handling the situation in libya. >>> elsewhere, japanese workers racing to restore electricity to a nuclear plant. new concerns about how long it may last. crews are trying to finish hooking
when those bombs exploded. >>> president obama is cutting short his tour of latin america heading back to washington a few hours earlier than he planned to, holding a conference call with national security team before departing. speaking in el salvador yesterday, president obama pushed back against criticism of the high cost of the war, which some defense analysts now predict could end up koing the western coalition more than $1 billion if the operation drags on more than a couple months. >> we willeration. because it is limited in time, scope, with a well-defined mission, we're confident this is something we can budget as part of our overall operations. events happen around the world in which the united states with our unique capabilities has to respond as leader in the world community. >> speaking there in el salvador, the president went on to say americans, despite all the criticism they have heard, should be proud of the american mission. >> in benghazi, a city of 700,000 people, you had the prospect of gadhafi's forces carrying out his orders to show no mercy. for us to be able to
. >> the government is in the way of job creators in america. and as someone who understands what uncertainty does to small employers, obviously more regulations, higher tax creates more uncertainty. when you look at our efforts as the new majority here in the congress, our number one goal is to create an environment, assist in creating an environment where employers can begin to hire again. and what i need to do in order to do that, i think we need to stop the spending binge here in washington. >> the senate's top democrat harry reid says he's open to changing social security 20 years from now. speaking on msnbc's "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell last night, majority leader reid emphatically rejected changes to the program anytime soon. >> i have said clearly and as many times as i can, leave social security alone. social security has not added a single penny, not a dime, a nickel, a dollar to the budget problems we have. it never has. for the next 30 years it won't do that. two decades from now i'm willing to take a look at it. i'm not willing to take a look at it right now. >> reid's rem
. chile, south america, all of the pacific would have red. now, aboif you went north to alaska, it changes to watches and advisories. again, for hawaii which is most affected, we go from 3:00 to 7:00 a.m. >> we know there have been big evacuations from all the islands in hawaii and joining us from the west coast of oahu of the pacific tsunami warning center, dr. cisero. what you can tell us from where you're sitting? how grave is the situation there? >> in hawaii, it won't be too bad. it's probably a little worse than the earthquake in chile last year. the latest we have in terms of the models that we're running looks like a meter. hilo, we're still guessing i would say that it's going to be something about two meters which is pretty significant. other areas are probably a meter or less, which is not too bad. and we're at mid range in the i'd o tide. so i think at worst we'll have floodi flooding, but i wouldn't be in the water because of the very, very strong currents. >> so we have 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the northeast coast of japan. big waves coming in to the country of japan, but
. after his sons were taken, sheen told nbc news, quote, this is not the america i grew up in. >>> meanwhile, cbs ceo les moon ves said at a media conference yesterday in san francisco said he hoped "two and a half men" will return to the air and doesn't report seeing any financial trouble during the suspension. adding sheen is on the air quite a bit these days, i wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an emmy. >>> an early look at the markets as we get all up in your business this morning. cnbc's rebecca meehan is live in london this morning. >> good morning, we saw a heck of a selloff in yesterday's session across in the states, declines of just about 1. 5% for each of the dow, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq composite as well. and that negative sentiment has spread around the globe since today the futures show that markets should open fairly flat. maybe talking a little pause after the selloff in yesterday's session. oil is a big factor. oil is looking really high and today brent around $116 in the states. u.s. crude, around $100 a barrel. all around the back
to the "times," some senior officials are concerned that providing arms would deepen america's involvement in the country and that some fighters may have links to al qaeda. we don't know who these guys are. speaking with "nbc nightly news" anchor brian williams last night, president obama says the option of arming rebels is still on the table. >> we are going to be looking at all options to provide support to the libyan people so that we can transition toward a more peaceful and more stable libya. >> with all due respect, watching the reportings of our two correspondents in libya, what it appears the rebels need is military equipment. some of their equipment dates back to world war ii. are you ruling out u.s. military hardware assistance? >> i'm not ruling it out. but i'm also not ruling it. in we're not taking anything off the table at this point. our primary military goal is to protect civilian populations and to set up the no-fly zone. our primary strategic goal is for gadhafi to step down so that the libyan people have an opportunity to live a decent life. >> not ruling it out but not
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their cooperation in fighting drug violence along america's southern border. speaking yesterday, president obama said the u.s. takes some blame for drug gang violence that claimed the lives of 15,000 mexicans just last year. >> we are very mindful that the battle that president calderon is fighting inside of mexico is not just his battle, it's also ours. we have to take responsibility just as he's taking responsibility. >> calderon also said the release by wikileaks of state department stables criticizing mexico's anti-drug fight caused serious damage with its relationship with washington. both leaders agreed to open mexican highways tow trucks, a step that would put the u.s. in compliance with the 1994 free trade agreement. >>> military officials in afghanistan say they expect the taliban will start mounting a spring campaign to regain ground lost to u.s. troops last year. however commanders in kabul say their soldiers are in better position to fend off the insurgency. president obama apologized for the deaths of nine afghan children in a coalition air strike this week. earlier in the day, obam
. the united states of america must lead. a no-fly zone was never going to be the decisive action that tipped the balance against gadhafi. even when senator lieberman and i called for it nearly three weeks ago. but it remains the case that a no-fly zone would take one of gadhafi's most lethal tools off the table and thereby boost the confidence of libya's opposition. >> also in that region, the u.s. is urging gulf nations to show restraint after saudi arabia and the united arab emirates sent forces into neighboring bahrain yesterday. the deployment comes as the island kingdom's sunni royal family is struggling to defuse tensions with their shiite majority amid concerns that shiite iran could try to exploit that instability in bahrain. obama administration officials are responding cautiously to yesterday's developments. >> if another country is -- iran had decided to go into another country because it felt it was the right thing to do, what would the united states be saying? i know it's a hypothetical, but this appears to be pretty serious. >> well, again, i mean, i think you have to understan
this friday. >> we're not going to balance america's budget in the next six months. it's time for people of good will and both political parties to sit down, work this out, let's resolve the budget for the rest of the year. if enter are going to be new revenues or cuts in other areas, let's get it down. let's move on. >>> some house lawmakers have said they will vote against the latest spending package because it does not implement the full $61 billion in cuts they had called for earlier this year. however house majority whip kevin mccarthy says he has enough votes to pass the three-week plan. it would give congress until april 8th circle that date to pass a budget for a remainder of the fiscal year. >>> still ahead on "way too early" start getting your brackets in order for the office pools after weeks of waiting, the newly expanded field of 68 all set for this year's ncaa toult. what's your final four look like? you got that together yet? we'll have a look at top seeds when we come back. what can you do with plain mashed potatoes? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup o
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